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“I need coverage.”

Whether you’re paying off your home mortgage or protecting your employees’ welfare, we have insurance products that fit your needs.

Find a Solution That Fits You

For Individuals

Worried About Debt, Income Loss, & Final Expenses?

Guaranteed, Fixed Premiums

If you want to protect yourself and your loved ones, consider Whole Life+. This solution offers affordable lifetime protection with guaranteed benefits, fixed premiums, and cash value.

For Employers

Need a Flexible, Affordable TDI Plan for Your Employees?

Scalable, Customizable

If you’re an employer in Hawaii, you’re likely required to provide temporary disability insurance (TDI), so why not get the most flexible plan? Our plans let you keep it affordable and simple or increase coverage with add-ons.

For Producers

Want to Help Your Retiring Clients Generate Income?

Fixed Rate, Tax Deferred

A multi-year guaranteed annuity (MYGA) offers a secure way to generate income in 3-10 years. With taxes only applied to the funds clients take out, their savings will grow tax-free at a fixed interest rate.

Real Estate Investment Solutions

We offer secured commercial loans with competitive rates to real estate investors who want to purchase a new property or refinance existing loans.

Connected With Our Community

Showing our appreciation for local healthcare professionals with a nice lunch.

Supporting charitable causes, including participation in the annual Hawaii Lodging Charity Walk.

We’re committed to realizing a sustainable and hopeful society by moving toward a digital environment that will dramatically reduce our carbon footprint.
Our commitment to developing sustainable practices now will benefit future generations.

“Do I really need life insurance?”

We’ve got the answer to this question, and many more common insurance questions, in our comprehensive FAQs for individuals.

Discover Resources

Want Fully Funded Life Insurance in 15 Years?

This whole life insurance solution requires just 15 years of premium payments for guaranteed life insurance protection for your entire lifetime.

Calculate How Much Life Insurance You May Need

Answer a few questions at to estimate how much life insurance you may need to take care of your family.

Need to Submit a Temporary Disability Insurance Claim?

Learn how to submit a claim form for your employee’s temporary disability insurance.