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Employers & Employees

Empowering Employers, Supporting Employees: Insurance Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

At Pacific Guardian Life, we provide comprehensive insurance solutions designed to benefit both employers and employees alike. Our services are tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern workplaces, ensuring that your insurance coverage grows seamlessly alongside your company.

Employee Benefits

Learn how to submit Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) claims online, making the process quick and convenient for you. We’re here to support you through every step, ensuring you receive the care you need when you need it.

Submit a New TDI Claim Online

Claimants, employers, and doctors can all complete their portion of the TDI claim using our quick and easy online process.

Employer Solutions

Discover how our scalable and customizable insurance solutions can benefit your business and employees. From health to disability insurance, we offer a range of options to suit your company’s unique needs.

“Why offer insurance to my employees?”

Protect Your Employees & Business

Policies covering lost wages and more can keep your employees and business from financial harm.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Robust offerings can help you attract and retain talent while creating a culture of trust and care.

Maximize Your Tax Benefits

Your plan may enable you to deduct premiums from your taxes, strengthen your credit, and more.

Why Pacific Guardian Life?

As Hawaii’s largest domestic life and disability insurer, we offer a variety of insurance solutions to support the protection and growth of your business. With 60+ years in the industry, our solutions are developed and calibrated to meet your needs.

Benefits for Employees

Scalable, customizable employee insurance solutions that grow alongside your company.

Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI)

Employees who have lost wages due to off-the-job sickness or injury can use this wage replacement program to partially replace their lost wages. With few exceptions, all employers in Hawaii with one or more employees (full-time, part-time, or temporary) are required to provide disability benefits for their employees.

For Employees

  • Reliable income source during off-the-job sickness or injury
  • Covers pregnancy related disabilities

For Employers

  • Satisfies state requirements for TDI
  • Supports employees experiencing financial difficulties due to off-the-job illness or injury

Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance

This policy provides your active employees with an income stream if they should become disabled and unable to work. Typically, LTD begins when short-term disability or temporary disability payments stop.

For Employees

  • Income source that doesn’t deplete savings
  • Allows part-time return to work
  • Social Security filing assistance
  • Rehabilitation to overcome the disability with job training, physical therapy, and adaptive aids

For Employers

  • Helps retain and attract talent
  • Possible tax deductible premiums
  • Versatile insurance plan designs
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Program, social security filling assistance, and return-to-work incentives

Group Term Life Insurance

Renewable term insurance is a common employee benefit that provides a way for employers to offer affordable life insurance to their employees. Optional add-ons include Voluntary Term Life Insurance, Voluntary Accidental Death, and Dismemberment Plus Insurance.

For Employees

  • Usually available without medical exams or information
  • Amounts of up to $50,000 are usually not taxable
  • Provides peace of mind for loved ones
  • Often provided at no cost Beneficiary can change as needed

For Employers

  • Protection at reasonable rates
  • Helps retain and attract talent
  • Rates are often set for a multiple year rate guarantee period
  • Possible tax deductible premiums

Benefits for Employers

Offer the security of a plan to key and executive personnel while protecting your business from the unexpected.

Key Person Life Insurance

In the event that an employee who is vital to the continued success of your business should pass away, this solution offers compensation for their loss. The employer owns and is the beneficiary of the policy, paying the life insurance premium that insures the key person’s life and, upon their passing, receives the life insurance death benefit.


  • Offsets the cost of replacing the key person
  • Strengthens the business’ credit by assuring creditors the business will continue
  • Provides the business with cash value through the policy that can be easily accessed
  • Death benefits received are treated as tax-free income

Executive Bonus Life Insurance

This solution allows you to provide a key employee or business owner with life insurance as a bonus. The employer pays the premium while the key employee or business owner only pays the income tax on the bonus and retains all rights to the policy.


  • Attracts, retains, and rewards key employees
  • No IRS approval needed
  • No administration needed
  • Premiums are deductible as compensation to employees
  • Bonus is considered wages

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of coverage do I need for my business?

For most employers in Hawaii who have one or more full-time, part-time, or temporary employees, a Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI) policy is required for your employees. This type of insurance covers some of an employee’s wages lost due to off-the-job sickness, injury, or pregnancy.

Pacific Guardian Life offers TDI to employers insuring employees residing in Hawaii; this plan may not be available to employees residing on the U.S. continent. Pacific Guardian Life makes no representations regarding an employer’s legal obligations under Federal or State employment and other applicable laws. Employers should contact their legal advisors for further information and advice regarding compliance with such laws. Pacific Guardian Life plans comply with applicable state laws. In some cases, state laws require amendments to the benefits described above. This is an outline and summary of standard plan provisions but does not reflect all state variations. The employer will be given certificates for distribution to each insured employee who describes their plan in detail. This is not the summary plan description required of certain employers by ERISA.

How do I get a quote for business insurance products?

We work with more than 1,000 brokers, agents, and benefits consultants to ensure you find the plan that best fits your needs. Please reach out to your business insurance agent, broker, or benefits consultant for a quote. For more information on our employee benefits, please contact our customer service department.

How do I login to the TDI billing portal?

If you requested to register for the service, you were provided a welcome email from [email protected] which provided a temporary password and a link to the portal.  If you forgot your password, click on ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’ and you will be sent a new temporary password.


Need to Submit a Temporary Disability Insurance Claim?

Learn how to submit a claim form for your employee’s temporary disability insurance.

Protect Your Employees from Long Term Disabilities

Provide employees with a line of income if they should become disable or unable to attend work for an extended time.

Enroll Your Employees in a Group Life Policy

Read instructions and complete the form to enroll your employees in Group Life, ADD, and/or LTD insurance.