Temporary Disability Insurance


If you are an employer with one or more employees, you may be required by the State of Hawaii to provide your employees with Temporary Disability Insurance (TDI). TDI is a "wage replacement" program that pays your employees benefits to partially replace loss of wages due to off-the-job injury or sickness.

Statutory Plan Benefits

  • Employees on disability receive up to 58% of their average weekly wage up to the State of Hawaii maximum benefit amount.
  • The benefit amount is payable from the 8th day of disability.
  • The maximum length of coverage is a total of 26 weeks during the benefit year.

Complete information on the TDI law.

Coverage Eligibility

  • Injury or illness must not be work-related and prevents your employees from performing regular work.
  • Disability requires confirmation by a certified physician.
  • Coverage is available to employees who are hired immediately before the date of injury or illness.
  • Coverage is available to employees who are separated from their jobs if the disability is within two weeks of the separation date.
  • Coverage is available to employees who worked at least 14 weeks during each of which the individual was paid 20 or more hours and earned not less than $400 during the 52 weeks immediately preceding the first day of disability.

Simple and Affordable Riders

If you are looking to enhance your TDI benefits, our affordable riders offer great value and protection.

Extended TDI Rider: Your employees can rest assured their TDI benefit will continue for an additional 26 weeks, providing a full 52-week benefit at an affordable cost.

Group Term Life Rider: For a minimal cost, you can provide a death benefit, adding peace of mind for your employees in the event an unexpected death occurs.

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Pacific Guardian Life offers Temporary Disability Insurance to Employers insuring employees residing in Hawaii; this plan may not be available to employees residing on the mainland. Pacific Guardian Life makes no representations regarding an Employer's legal obligations under Federal or State employment and other applicable laws. Employers should contact their legal advisors for further information and advice regarding compliance with such laws. Pacific Guardian Life plans comply with applicable state laws. In some cases, state laws require amendments to the benefits described above. This is an outline and summary of standard plan provisions, but does not reflect all state variations. If applicable, the employer will be given certificates for distribution to each insured employee which describes their plan in detail. This is not the summary plan description required of certain employers by ERISA.