Whole Life+

Our most affordable guaranteed whole life policy when you need permanent lifetime protection!

Whole Life+ (2021) provides permanent life insurance coverage with guaranteed death benefits and cash values, as long as premiums are paid and for as long as you live.

Whole Life+ (2021) will pay for any obligations at death such as:

  • Family Needs
    • Paying off mortgage loans and outstanding debts
    • Final expenses, such as medical and funeral costs
    • Providing an income to surviving loved ones
    • Continuing financial support to dependents

Pacific Guardian Life’s Whole Life+ (2021) gives you the lifetime protection for your financial security and peace of mind. For more information on the Whole Life+ (2021), please contact your agent or Pacific Guardian Life Sales Representative.

The Whole Life+ (2021) Policy Form Number is GWL21.

Whole Life+ (2019) product features:

  • Issue ages 18-801
  • $10,000 minimum coverage amount for ages 51 and over2
  • Level premiums payable to age 100, guaranteed not to increase
  • Death benefit guaranteed through age 121
  • Guaranteed cash values with access through policy loans3
  • Add more benefits by including optional policyriders:
    • Waiver of Premium Rider
    • Accidental Death Benefit
    • Children’s Insurance Rider
    • Terminal Illness Rider (Not available in all states/jurisdictions)

For more detailed product information click on the selections below.

1 $25,000  for issue sages 18-50.

2 $15,000 minimum face amount for Nevada.

3 Policy loans will accrue interest and will reduce the death benefit by the amount of the outstanding loan plus accrued interest.